Winter time slow down

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It’s already early October and things are starting to slow down in every way. Lazier mornings in bed during the weekends, wood being gathered for winter fires, dark evenings closing in. It’s also a great time for reflection.

We had the great idea of blogging our exploits in opening our cafe for the first time but we did not realise how little spare time we would have to dedicate to other things.

Anyway it’s been a great year.The weather was top-class and everyone we met was in such great form. Opening a business like this was a great move. It has given us great satisfaction to share some wonderful moments with visitors and locals alike. We have made many new friends which we hope to see again and again over the years. The talent we have at a local level for food making is fantastic and we are glad to be able to showcase it.

And now it comes time to wind-down. For the winter we will be open on Fridays and Saturdays only 11 am – 4 pm.That will give us time to re-invent for next season . See you soon.